Looking for religious books

I am looking for religious books,send me message if you have any that you no longer want or have already read that do not want.
Hi raindiamonds, I e-mailed you.
raindiamonds - do you just want books or will you take cd's. My mother and I converted lots and lots of tapes to CD. Paula White, Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, TD Jakes, Godchasers, and a few others i cannot remember the name. I am out of Richmond, va and my mother is in Ft. Washington. I am up there all the time and We use to live in Woodbridge, over 12 twelve years ago. So let me know. Also, I have some Left Behind books on CD.
The best book I have ever read was "dissapointment with God" I forget who wrote it, I lent it to my sister like 2 years ago, if I can get it back I'll let you know, if not, try and find it, it is a wonderful book! I also have all the Left Behind books, but I can't part with them, I do have an extra book #4 though if you want it.
Could this be DISAPPOINTED WITH GOD by Phillip Yancey? A great book!


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