Curly Girl Handbook Swap

Hi! I am wanting to swap my Curly Girl Handbook for Ouidad Curl Talk ... thanks!
I have Ouidad Curl Talk and would love to swap for your Curly Girl handbook (assuming it is in good condition).

Please email so we can make shipping arrangements.

Hey! I'm not able to ship the book right now.. we're in the process of moving and so everything is packed up and in storage. In a few months if you're still intrested let me know, because we should have everything unpacked by then! Thanks
A natural light redhead 3B... but for now a dark auburn 3A trying to get my hair back to "normal" and long...

Started CG 1/12/09

*Never* touching my CHI again..

My favs so far is the DevaCurl line.. minus the B'leavin.. it makes my hair tooo dry feeling and stringy!

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