John Legend Hairstyle

I'm assuming these are twist, am I right?

How does he go about achieving and maintaining this hairstyle?
I don't know... but he is sexy.

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I have done some research on this style and it takes some maintenance that I don't have being a active full-time college student.

I'll just ask, is there an easy way to maintain this style?

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I've never had comb coils so I'm only guessing

I would think once you get them done, you would just minimally manipulate them (it's supposed to be a protective style) and tie your hair at night, fluff in the morning and go. I would use a light moisturizing spray or something. Again, just guessing.

What info did you find?
Basically looking through Youtube videos and questions people asked about the same hairstyle. I know the materials needed are a twisting comb and some moisturizing cream/gel to keep them together.

I'm also asking a family hair stylist on their opinion.
I don't know what that is.. but the haircut and styling is SUPER cool on him. Go John Legend! Wowsa!
Don't have a clue as to what style that is, but that man is FINE.
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