Kimberly Perry

How does Kimberly Perry, the lead singer of The Band Perry do her hair?? It's like a type 3a, which is what I have, but how does she get her curls so volumous without looking like a lion? Her curls are sooo close to her scalp!!

I have very short layers to about my ears and long hair out 4 inches past my collarbone. It's type 3a and very thick. Usually I scrunch it wet with curl creating cream. I flip my hair upside down and scrunch, then back up and reeeally scrunch my upper layers, trying to get Kimberly Perry's look. But it always ends up with this weird curl pattern. The curl starts at my scalp going out, and then curls in and then the ends of the curls wing out towards the sky. It looks ridiculous. And then the rest of my curls end up having this crooked curl pattern, like it's tight 3b curls half way down, then it goes horizontal for an inch and then 3a down. It looks awful!! I don't know if this makes sense..

Since I can't get it looking good, I tend to just straighten it... I've tried everything, upside down pineapple, french braids, hair spray, gel, mousse, every curl product on the market.. But nothing will get my curls to work!! BTW, this is only during the winter. During the summer, my curls look great! I can't get them like Kimberly Perry, but they do look good (refer to my profile pic).. But during the winter it's impossible! I can't figure out why..

Does anyone have this problem? How do you overcome it, and does anyone know how to turn my disaster into curls like Kimberly Perry?? If you don't know what she looks like, heres a pic -

Anyway, sorry this is so long... Thanks!!
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Have you tried Deva Curl products? I know they are outrageously expensive, but they could do wonders for your hair! Check on here for them and on Amazon to see who has the better deal, or a select salons who do the Deva Cut!
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I've read a lot of people get weird curls if they flip upside down.... Have u tried the rake and shake method to put ur product in? Or using clips to give more volume?

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I've got hair like hers and all I do is use suave naturals shampoo and conditioner the I get out of the shower brush my hair then put suave Max hold volumizing moused 8 for body and lift and I run it through my hair scrunch a lil then leave it alone and let it air dry then scrunch it again after its dry

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