The Cast of Lost

So, I've been catching up on Lost on Netflix, and was struck by the amount of curlies/wavies in the cast. Basically half the regular cast regularly appears with naturally curly hair.


And lots of others who are semi-regular. I love seeing beautiful curly hair on tv, and having it not mean that they are unkempt or not to be taken seriously. And even though they're on a remote island, all the curlies' hair looks fabulous at all times.
2c/3a with 2b underlayer. Fine, porous. Loves protein. But not hydrolized wheat protein. Yuck.

Wash: WEN Sweet Almond Mint or Pomegranate
Gels: LA Looks Sport Gel
Mousse: Tigi Catwalk Curlesque
Curling creams/gellies: Coffee Coco Curling Cream Lite, Spiral Solutions Curl Enhancing Jelly, Curls Gel-les'c
Ah, yes, LOST is awesome. Everyone's hair is just a little wild, but in a way that you could acceptably wear on the street in most cities. And the men have just enough stubble to be sexy, yet never grow a full beard. One of the mysteries of the Island.
Yes, that is one of the many things I loved about the show. I guess is was just too difficult to straighten everyone's hair in the humidity of where they filmed in Hawaii.
I always hated it when they showed Kate off the island and her hair was straight.
--I'm located in Western PA.
--I found NC in late 2004, CG since February 2005, started going grey in late 2005.
--My hair is 3B with some 3A, texture-medium/fine, porosity-normal except for the ends which are porous, elasticity-normal.
--My long time favorite products are Suave & VO5 conditioners, LA Looks Sport Gel, oils, honey, vinegar.
--My CG and grey hair progress --
Yes! Oh my gosh Lost is my favorite show of all time!!! But besides the amazing plot lines, themes, and characters the hair was beautiful! I started watching Lost at a pretty young age, (back when straightening your hair was all the rage) and it was Evangeline Lilly's curls that inspired me to wear my hair curly as a kid. She is so naturally pretty I wonder what hair products she uses..

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