Sandra Oh is my hair spirit animal

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I swear I would do anything on this earth to get her hair

I can never get that kind of volume and nice curl. I wish my flat, 3a/3b hair would do this!
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Well, I have 2b curls, but when washed, it dries like Sandra Oh's, and it's not that easy to manage.
But remember she probably has a load of work done to it before going on TV or stepping out anywhere. It most likely doesn't fall perfectly without her doing anything to it.
I want Stana Katic's hair.
2a medium porous, You can see my wavy tutorials here: and my wavy blog is The Wavy Nation
i am a 2abc/ M/C.
if i cut my hair the same way, same layers and length,
i have exactly her hair. although it looks beautiful, it is uncontrollable.
now my hair is a bit longer and the underlayer is getting straighter and straighter.
i dont know how you could achieve those curls but i would rather embrace whatever curl pattern i have than straighten my hair with an iron or use a curler.
almost every day i see somebody with hair i would like to have. then i remind myself, this is me, this is my unique hair, rather i work with my hair to help it do what it wants to do than forcing it into something it isnt.
these days my hair wants to be straighter than before. so i change my routine and treat it as wavy hair, not curly.
what can i do, this is my hair, i have to obey lol
your hair texture can just be as beautiful as Sandra's, maybe in another way :-)
I have had her haircut before. I loved it. And I could wash n go. It had so much body and volume! It was just hanging there beautiful. Now I have a horrible cut I'm getting fixed soon. Someone took thinning shears to my top layer (in the middle of my head) and then cut the bottom with the weight in the my hair is hanging straight on the under layer and all flipped out and crazy on the middle layer. wtf!) I'm getting the Sandra Oh again. OH MY, I can't wait. I have some kind of mix of hair, but it's either this cut or long layers that looks best on me. Also, if I would ever use a product, it's not hard for my hair to get weighed down. I haven't used products on my hair in several years, but if I did, could you suggest one? Thanks!

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