What hair type is Claire from Outlander?

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Wasn't sure where to post this, but as a mild-to-middling fan of Outlander I'm amused by the debates going on as to how curly the fictional character Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser's hair really is. This has ramped up considerably since the teaser trailer for the series adaptation on Starz has been released. People have been analyzing actress Catriona Balfe's wrong-colored eyes, and calling her perm "not curly enough".

The problem is mainly that everyone has their own mental image of fictional characters, and seeing someone else's image ruins theirs. But upon re-reading I found the descriptions of her hair a little inconsistent as well. At some points she describes actually brushing through her hair, which would be impossible if she had super curly curls, but at another point Jaime pulls a curl down to her shoulder and it springs up, as if she had bouncy spirals.

In August, you'd think the whole debate would be settled by authoress Diana Gabaldon herself posting a picture on Facebook of her sister's hair, with the following caption:

"For those who want to know what I mean by "curly hair"...I mean curly hair. <g> Not frizzy, not sheep's-wool, not kinky, not ringlets or sausage curls...just very thick and very curly. Thanks to my sister Theresa, for allowing me to take pictures of her unstyled hair (which is what I based Claire's hair on to start with)."


Read the comments though, because they're fascinating. Despite this coming down from heaven on golden plates like the Word of God, some people are still claiming "NOOOO ZOMG THAT'S NOT CLAIRE'S HAIR !!1!1!!!!eleven!!!" And some women, with curly hair, are claiming that Diane doesn't "understand" how curly hair works, and that Diana's sister's hair "isn't curly, just thick, frizzy waves... Sorry Diana,not trying to be mean, but this isn't the springy curls you described" <---real comment, btw.

So what do you think? Is this Claire's hair? For fun, let's type it, categorize it and prescribe products for Diana's sister, because apparently she still brushes her hair when it's dry.
Oh gosh, either Diana Gabeldon's sister uses all the wrong products and techniques, or she has wavy hair, not curly. From what you said, I was all prepared to see 3a hair, and totally disappointed in the actress's perm. Now, it looks like they gave the actress more curl than she (but not I) had in mind. I've always thought Claire's hair was like a 40s perm, i.e. more like a 3b or c, and none of that just putting curl in the ends nonsense.

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I always pictured Claire with curlier hair than that. Somewhere in the 3s is what I pictured
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Her hair isn't curly it's wavy and it looks dry.
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Her hair isn't curly it's wavy and it looks dry.
Originally Posted by NayaMoore
I agree. She probably has ringlets underneath near the back of her neck but that doesn't look like a head of "curly hair" to me. It's thick, wavy, and obviously tends to be frizzy.
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It's a perm. Here's an article where she talks about it: http://www.wwd.com/eye/lifestyle/out...otland-7686004

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I've thought about her hair while watching the show. At times she look like 2b-3a. It just depends on the episode and shot.
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