Sarah Palin: A history of hair

I came across this and thought it was interesting, from a curly's POV. A couple of the captions claim her hair was permed in the past, but I'm thinking she's a curly who now straightens. Especially looking at that 10th pic of her taken just this January. You can definitely see the curls coming out in that one.

I think you are right. I think she's got curls but now she just straightens... that's a shame it would be wonderful to see someone is her position wearing their hair curly!
ooooooooh yeah. You can look at her texture and tell it would totally wave at the very least if left to its own devices.

And besides... look at how it looks when they 'curled' it with an iron towards the end (ick)... and compare it to how it looks when it was curled and teased. Pretty darn big difference.
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Yeah, I'm horrible at typing, but I'm thinking at least 2c or 3a. It really is too bad she straightens. I think regardless what you think of her politically, it would be nice to have someone so prominent and so high up in office (whether as Gov. or VP) with curly hair.
i agree, looks like wavy in the closet to me! either way, i think she is gorgeous (and not just because i'm a republican.
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Blech. The first picture when it's long and straightened looks awful --- dry, damaged, dead.

I don't like her, but she had a nice profile in her "Miss Wassila" days.
i agree, looks like wavy in the closet to me! either way, i think she is gorgeous (and not just because i'm a republican.
Originally Posted by shellynot
I think she is too...the pics from the '80s hairstyle look pretty familiar ;D
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Urgh... in the 7th picture (the first straightened one?) she has the most dreadful split ends.
sarah plain is a gorgeous woman w/ gorgeous hair (even though in my opinion totally lacking in skills as a politician and has no clue what she talks about, but lets not get into politics) and it would be great for a popular woman to embrace her curls, and maybe other people would follow. its a shame she doesnt love her curls, because loving her hair (and cutting those god awful splits) would really make her much prettier and put together, not to mention more popular on the site!

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Yeah, the first pic with the fried hair wasn't cute. Her hairstyles got better with time. I noticed I really have never seen (or noticed) a female politician with naturally curly hair unstraightened.

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