Rachelle Lefevre

I have been in love with her hair since I saw the movie Twilight. I think her hair was actually the best part of the movie. She gives me inspiration to grow my hair out and fight the urge to flat iron!

You know... I didn't really think about it when I saw the movie, as it looked touched up with a curling iron during the film, but from the look of that first picture, I finally have a celeb hair twin!

Only hers is more awesome. lol, now I'm wondering if I could grow mine out to that length and have it look as fabulous as Rachelle's...
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MimsTX Your hair does look a lot like hers even in color. I say go for it!!!!!

I agree that in the movie her hair looked like it was touched up but I guess that is how it goes in Hollywood. But I have seen other pictures of her with just everyday hair and it is still beautiful.
I loved her hair in Twilight too :-)

Kerry xx
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I just love her hair, especially now. They seem to be so smooth, yet fantastically curly.

And I was thinkin' how can I get such hair? Well, I'm 2b type, so it's not so impossible Any advice?

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I love her hair too. So big and wild.
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Rachelle's hair is absolutely gorgeous. The colour suits her well and her curls make you speechless.
Her 2c tresses are enviable.
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Her hair is gorgeous!

That's inspiring me to keep letting mine grow. (It's at a really awkward length right now--past chin length but not past my shoulders.)
her hair is beautiful! i have 2b-2c hair, how could i get hair like hers in either the first or second picture? her hair looks so shiny and there are no traces of frizz. how?
plus she has long locks/tresses, how does she get it like that?

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She is a gorgeous girl with gorgeous curl. What kind of curl would we call that? 2?
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Oh god, I love her hair to. It really inspired me to keep my hair curly. I love it, but sometimes it pisses me off She really inspires me in my moments of doubt. I wish my hair would look like hers though. I'm type 3a. What would you call her hair?
I just saw Twilight and now I have a girl crush on Rachelle (and a crush on Rob too ).

If I grew my hair about 5 more inches and colored it red, I could have something similar to her hair. In the candid picture I think it looks 2b-3a. But I'm no expert.
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I Like that for red carpet events it doesn't look too much touched up...
When I saw her in Twilight.. I was stunned by her incredibly beautiful red curly hair. I mean I just LOVE it.

She totally ROCKED that red carpet look. I am sorry they are replacing her in the next movie in the Twilight saga though...

I thought she was amazing as Victoria... oh well.
They're replacing her?! She was great!
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Oh man.. you didn't hear yet! Yes, she is being replaced in the next movie with Opie's daughter! LOL! That's actually Ron Howard..I still call him Opie because of when he was on the Andy Griffith show many years ago.

And boy did it get MESSY...

Check out these articles about LeFevre's replacing:


This woman is supposed to be replacing her: Bryce Dallas Howard. I tried to post a pic.. wouldn't work.

<img src="http://fametastic.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2007/04/bryce_dallas_howard.jpg"/>

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Her hair is gorgeous! I wish I had her hair! She's a good actor too.
I love the color, too. But the color was really muted out in the movie, which made me sad.
Her hair is absolutely stunning. Look at those clumps! I'm so disappointed she is being replaced in twilight, as I thought she was very well cast and did a great job.
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