Shakira's hair in this pic...

My hair is pretty similar to this, Just don't really know how to fix it like this!!!! 3a 3b maybe?
Shakira's hair is truly lovely in this pic.
Shakira has an awesome head of hair . When she first came out with her album "Laundry Service", I thought those curls were rockin'!
I have heard her hair is straight and she perms it. Who knows. I lover her hair too though.
Vicki - I think I am starting to understand!!! woohoo!!!

Devacare no poo, Once Condish. Rinse upside down cold water.
KCNT, KCCC, John Freda Spiral Style Curl Defining Spray Gel, DEVAfuser
Hair Dye: Naturetint 4N Natural Chestnut
Use a good dousing of MOUSSE, Diffuse upside down, then finish without the diffuser Upside Down blow it around, to really make it BIG. You can recreate that look

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