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Hi im new here and not quite sure if this is where is should be posting this... but do any of you know if Taylor swifts hair is naturally curly and if so do you have any pics of it without being touched up by a curling iron?


I think that's probably pretty close to her natural without any touch ups. I know her hair is naturally curly/wavy, but most of the pictures are the result of curling irons.
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The 1st picture seems done with an iron & the 2nd is probably natural....either way she looks great with curls and you never see her with straight
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I saw her interviewed during the making of a video. Her hair was pretty straight. They were using a curling iron to do all of her curls.
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i've seen pictures w/ her hair natural (or close):

but even if curling iron's are used (which it definitely looks like), if you're hair doesn't have a curl or wave to it, it won't hold the curl - dead givaway. plus, if you've seen taylor's newest music video (for the best day), there are many videos of her as a kid w/ curly hair.
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I saw an interview with her where she said she straightened a lot in high school. She eventually stopped because of the length of time it was taking each day. She is natural. I think the frizzier pics of her hair are her without a lot of extra styling.
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