is she wearing a wig?

is that her real hair,i see alot of ppl with hair like that,i am a 3b how can i get my hair like that?
Looks Like extensions the curls look very diffrent from her natural txture ( I think could be worng!!!)
yep looks like highly textured/kinky phoney hair but it's very pretty. i think most 3b's hair texture is usually more silky and thats what i hate about the whole curl type system it only takes into account curl pattern not hair texture

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The only part that looks fake are the long ends that are a lot lighter and looser than the rest of the hair. Her hair looks to be fine. The only thing kinky about it is that it is super curly, but her hair is really shiny, but it could be the color. Either way, it's a good look on her.

Maybe try braiding your wet hair into small braids and undo when it dries, although it may look more crimped than tightly curled.
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