Juno Temple

She's not that famous but ever since I saw notes on a scandal i was like "wow i love her hair" and then I saw (this is kinda embaressing) Wild Child which is like an emma roberts tweeny movie but she's in there too and her hair looks absolutley insane kind of like mine on 2nd day hair/ bad hair days so I though I would post pics of her cause I love her hair she is also in the movie Year One but her curls are way bigger than they are in Notes on a Scandal. I think my hair is most similar to hers.

This is what her hair looked like in notes on a scandal:

Scene clips fron Notes on a Scandal:

Heres some Wild Child pictures (when her hair looks like my bad-hair-dayz):

Here is her hair straight:

Year one:

Heres her hair in Atonement if anyones seen that:

Year one premiere:

Notes on a Scandal Premiere:

more pictures

okay prolly the largest post I've ever did but I just love her hair!

okay I just realized someone has the same thing LOL i feel dumb now.

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i love how she can play diverse roles--she can play the part of a 13-20 year old. anyway, i loved her hair in Atonement-just a short red bob-cute!
Her hair in year one is absolutely adorable--still curly but relaxed with a curling iron. She's such a cute and versatile little actress!
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You should have just added this to my post
I've always wanted hair like this! I mean it does look crazy and hard to control, but its so textured and unique!
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Jeez! Her hair is really wild! I saw her in that movie The Other Boleyn Girl, and I had no idea her hair was naturally curly because in that movie, I think she wore a hat the whole time. It's really refreshing to see people wearing their curls like that

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I just have to say that I love that she wears her hair curly on the red carpet. So pretty.
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