Tyra Banks Says She's Going Natural...

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After the hype of her "natural" hair, I watched yesterday and while I'm certainly not an expert on AA hair, I was kind of happy about some things but questioned others.

I agree with other comments about Tyra coming clean with the fact that most AA women wear weaves/wigs etc. (to be honest I as caucasian had no idea). I think it would be nice if most women had the guts to be that honest and stop trying to fight what they were born with. I have no problem with women who do use them as an easier way to manage their hair, believe me I'm all about easy. And some of the hair they use really looks great. But I find women who embrace who they are to be so much more beautiful! I love AA ladies who work their curls!
But on the other hand, I watched Tyra and saw her "coming out" with her "natural" hair and was like WTF? I could come out with wet hair and look fantastic too. Then I saw the next episode and she walked on stage with her hair in a ponytail. Again, anyone can work a ponytail! It looks as if she has relaxed it, but still has a pretty wave to it which she could potentially work with. All in all I feel if she wants to make the "natural" transition, do it all the way! Show who you really are!
Oh and if she has relaxed, isn't that going against her whole episode about women who wear fake hair and relax it? I just found that to be kind of a contradiction.
Just my two cents!
Originally Posted by curlysue21

Her hair is relaxed :0.I agree with the bolded part.
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Tyra absolutely has a relaxer and in that episode where she shows her natural hair it looked like she had a very recent relaxer.

If her hair was natural, it would have been curly while she was on stage with it wet. It wasn't. It was bone straight and flat to her head.

I've seen SEVERAL of Tyra's pictures all throughout her childhood and she was born with curly hair.

So it's clear to me she's not "natural".. she's relaxed. Which I already knew was going to happen hence why I had my doubts about this whole "Tyra's going Natural" business being posted all over NC. All Tyra did was take off her wig/weave and got a fresh relaxer.

I personally don't take issue with her being relaxed though because it's up to her what she does with her own hair. Besides, I honestly didn't expect her to be anything but relaxed as most black women in the US do indeed relax their hair to maintain a straighter look reguardless of whether they wear weaves, wigs, or add-on pieces.
Tyra's hair was curly on today's show and it looked really cute. So I am wondering if the straight look was just straightened and not relaxed.

You can see it on this preview on her website:

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I watched her show today with Chris Rock. Chris Rock was talking about her lace wigs. It was funny when Chris Rock said, "Tyra, it looked like you had a helmet on yo head!" lol Her hair was curly BUT she says she will still put weaves in her hair. I don't understand Tyra's point of going natural.


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I saw the preview from the Kathy Griffin episode and I still think Tyra has a relaxer..I think she just had a her hair set in twists, braids, or rollers then taken out to get that effect. I've seen many relaxed women with their hair set that way but it's not natural.

I saw some recent pictures of her showcasing her new figure and she had her own hair curled in big curls clearly done with a roller set or big barrel curling iron. And I have to say I ABSOLUTELY loved the look on her. Tyra looks so much prettier with her own hair styled.

The styles her hair dresser has been giving her look so pretty and flatter her face a lot! Tyra works in Hollywood though and I can certainly understand her getting a wig or weave at some point because some of these photo shoot stylists and what not can really damage the natural hair.. this is a why a lot of celebs wear wigs and weaves in the first place as an attempt to try to protect their own hair from wear and tear from all the constant styling.
Hmmnn I was never a fan of Tyra, she struck me as being very pretentious, but kudos to her with her hair.

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