Corrine Bailey Rae's new look and sound

I'm really digging the longer hair on her. And has it really been that long since her husband died? Seems like it just happened.
fotki twitter blog

In short, the characteristics of the powerful, whatever they may be, are thought to be better than the characteristics of the powerless and logic has nothing to do with it.
-- Gloria Steinem

I love her hair both ways! Either way its beautiful!!!!!!!
Corinne, you betta work!! She looks wonderful. I am in love with her hair.
My hair is:

- 3b/3c/probably some 4a up in there too.
- natural since birth
- almost hip length when flat ironed, BSL when curly.
- a great lover of water. lol

I am a product junkie and I'm not going to rehab!
Her album drops Tuesday!!!

Falling deeper and deeper and deeper in with my beautiful mixture of springy, tight coils and super duper kinks.

*SIGH* Alas, I've come to accept my shrinkage and fairy knots

There are no magic potions, concoctions, elixirs, or pills for hair growth, weight loss, or financial independence... so stop looking for a quick fix!!!

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