Nicole from ANTP CYCLE 13

I meant ANTM(America's next top model)I absolutely love Nicole from day 1 she has a innocent and natural beauty. Her exotic red curly hair makes her definitely stick out from the rest. I love how she always wears it natural, but of course unless they have to mess with it for a photo shoot. All in all I hope she wins!!

Sometimes I think the craziness just curls out of my head..

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i love her curls(curl envy lol) their so pretty and she's been my favorite she was definitely the best this season not one bad picture to the top it off she had a great personality im so happy she won
i agree! i was so happy for her. i mean i loved laura too, she was a sweetie, but if nicole didn't win i was gonna throw something at the tv! and her hair is GORGEOUS!
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