Myriam Fares - curly hair goddess

oh my is all i can say. curl envy!!! stunning
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Cremes: AGRecoil or B'Leave In
Gels: LALSG (9 or 10) or KCCC
What curl type would you consider her to be? It's fabulous!!!
Sometimes I think the craziness just curls out of my head..

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds."-Bob Marley

“There are only two types of women - goddesses and doormats”- Pablo Picasso

Well, I'm like totally straight, but that woman could possibly turn me gay.

Man, how beautiful is she? Hair, face, body. This is like what I want to come back in my next body!!!

Must be nice to look like that. Not that I'll ever know.

What curls!
Originally Posted by MirCurls
Heh. Myriam is beautiful, but trust me Lebanese women + plastic surgery + makeup and/or photoshop. I thought she was cute before the plastic surgery too though

What curl type would you consider her to be? It's fabulous!!!
Originally Posted by Curly_Princesa
I think she's a 3B

What! What the? Really??? That perfect? Really?? ALL of that is real??
Big Chop from hip - 5/2014
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