Myriam Fares - curly hair goddess

Isn't she gorgeous? Beautiful - with a dreamy hair?
Very pretty! I especially love it in the second pic

Isn't she gorgeous? Beautiful - with a dreamy hair?
Originally Posted by Nicoleta
Woohoo, look at that! Curly hair is so cool and beautiful, isn't it? And she's very pretty as well. =D
That is some wild, touch-me-like-crazy hair! Love it!!!
Fab hair! And without the curling iron touch up! Love it.
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She is the reason why I went natural. I love her! And she's a great singer.
She is the reason why I went natural. I love her! And she's a great singer.
Originally Posted by helloyellowbird
Same here! One of my friends is a fan of hers, and she's got talent
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!
She's definitely my curly role model haha! I love her music too! She's very artistic.
I find her hair PAINFUL to look at... I mean it's so stunningly beautiful.. it hurts. LOL!

I would LOVE to know what her regime is.. to keep her curls so gorgeous. I know clearly she had a good stylist for those pics.. but look... you have to have a good base to work with to get those results. So CLEARLY she has a fabulous base to work with and I wonder what the heck she does to her hair..

I have a feeling not much.. I've notice people with that stunning drop dead gorgeous hair.. just sort of have it like that and they don't do a bunch of special things.
i died and went to curlygirl heaven

I would LOVE to have perfect curls like that<333 and that many omg. XD

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Ah you guys have given me a hair idol! Serious hair desire right now
Love this style:
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"In his hands her curls slowly came undone and then sprang back into their vine-like windings.....tendrils that teased him , gorgeous locks that brushed on his skin and made his breath run fast".
Gorgeous, I love the length... It will take me another 5 years to get there... LOL
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It looks like she takes care of her hair (however she does is it), but a lot of Lebanese/middle-easterner's hair is very similar. Saw Miriam in the airport and her hair looked GORGEOUS.
Well, I'm like totally straight, but that woman could possibly turn me gay.

Man, how beautiful is she? Hair, face, body. This is like what I want to come back in my next body!!!

Must be nice to look like that. Not that I'll ever know.

What curls!
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