Is it safe to mix two different hair colors?

I want to use two different colors to avoid ending up with an ash color. I currently use Ion light golden brown, but have been ending up with alot of ash due to Summer and feel the Ion is very harsh on my hair.

I want to go back to Colorsilk and use light golden brown with a red to neutralize. Sally's said I could use a red tone rinse, but wasnt sure it would work (go figure).

My natural hair color is medium brown with about 50% percent gray at the crown and temples only, that is why I color my hair. I usually only do a root touch up every 4 weeks.

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Are you talking about mixing two different brands? If so, the answer is No. Each brand may have a different mix of chemicals and mixing them could be hazardous to your hair.

If you're talking about mixing colors in the same product line, then Yes.


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One can mix COLORS within the same product of the same brand, but not different products or brands. For instance, if one were using something like Natural Instincts and wanted to do a warm tone, but had some grey in the hair, one would mix about 3/4 of the warm tone and 1/4 of a natural shade at the same level. Usually mixing two colors of the same level(like medium auburn and medium brown works, for example). If one wants to give the mixture a bit of punch, especially when mixing a permanent color, a little bit of a bright color(like a half-ounce)works - I do this all the time. My haircutter, whom I would trust implicitly if I really needed him to color my hair, approves of my present color mix which is predominantly medium auburn, some medium golden brown, and that bit of bright auburn to punch it up. I get a lot of compliments, and my resulting reddish shade looks natural, rich and coppery.
Caramix3a..the last time I tried Natural did not even cover ANY of my gray and my roots were orangey. I have very stubborn grays due to premature gray from thyroid disease.

I love the colors you mix!..I used to dye my hair an auburn medium brown back when I was younger. I just wish this gray would leave me alone! I will try the advice you gave me for the roots to look more natural.

Thank you for the help! I asked the Sally's lady but she said she had no idea on mixing colors, go figure.

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