Coloring over henna

My hair is dry to start out with (type 4a/b) but it is a big ol mess now. I have some highlights mainly in front that are about half grown out. I did a couple of henna treatments to attempt to have one all-around color, but it didn't take to the highlighted areas very well and didn't phase my natural (very dark brown) color at all. It made the highlights reddish and darker so at least I'm not very obviously two-toned, but I would like to get rid of all of that altogether by going back to my dark brown, or even darker.

Now obviously my hair is not in very good shape... But I have gotten a lot cut off which helps. Should I even try a permanent hair color or is it true that nothing will phase hennaed hair? LIke I said the henna never really took to begin with. I want to try a permanent color made for black hair. Thinking about Soft Sheen. Anyone have experience in doing this and what were your results? I am aware a mix of henna and indigo will result in black but I found out through henna that I am just not a natural-products type of girl. Should I attempt hair color at this point? Wait until more of the highlighted portions are cut off? Do DTs first?
I recently had a similar challenge. I had used henna and indigo and wanted to color permanently. From everything that I read as long as you used body art quality henna (like from you should be okay.

I could not color over my indigo hair and had to cut in order to get what I wanted as my hair color. It sounds like you have some damaged hair or need some general hair care to address your dryness issue. I woulnd't recommend you color over that henna especially at home. I think you need to visit a salon and let a professional assess your hair and do any color and treat your hair. Hopefully they can/will help you restore your hair's integrity so it will be healthy.

Best of luck!

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Thanks, but I would really prefer not to go to a salon. I can't find anyone within 50 miles of here that can handle my hair. I've had to learn how to cut my own hair, and I just couldn't trust them with a color job.

I think I'm going to keep my hair as is for awhile. It grows pretty fast and with regular trims, it should be in shape for a dye job before long.
If you used 100% pure body-art quality henna, you can safely color over it.

I found that my hair didn't hold color very long after dying over henna; it seemed that the henna seals and coats the hair shaft and makes it very non-porous so it is hard for the hair dye molecules to penetrate. I also found that the underlying orangey-red tint of the henna gave me some rather brassy results; I ended up having to use a darker, cooler shade to counteract the orange-ness. I was using demi-permanent color; you might have better results with a permanent color as it would use a higher volume developer so might take a little better.

If you used henna + indigo, proceed with extreme caution as indigo often turns green in reaction with chemical hairdyes.

In any case, I would definitely advise a strand test before you do your whole head.
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