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Cameron's Curls 01-30-2011 01:26 PM

your experience of using vol 20 developer?
i accidently used a vol 10 developer when dying my hair copper, which left my brown hair a brassy brownish kinda auburn.

i think if i use a vol 20 developer it should give me the desired colour; a vibrant copper kinda colour.

what is your experience with this strengh of developer?
was it really/too damaging?
was it strong enough? (i dont know whether to use vol 20 or 30? any tips?)

ringlets of fire 01-31-2011 04:01 PM

I'll try to help you. What color did you mix with the 20 volume developer? The general overview of how to select your developer is this: 10 can lift one level, 20 can lift 2 levels, 30 - 3, 40 - 4. People trying to cover grey often need to use 15 or 20, even if they are not trying to go lighter. There are more complex color laws - I can't explain as well as a pro. Generally, if you are lifting (higher volume) less color will be deposited. If you google, you can find charts that show levels and explain it in more detail.

You need to determine if your results are more from the color (cream) or from the developer.

Some colors have tones that don't work with your base color. Again, google can find articles that show the color wheel. It also gives abbreviations for which have more violet or more gold. It varies a little by brand. For instance, N might me neutral, V violet, G gold, RG red gold.

Do you think the developer lifted your color too much? It's possible that it lightened your hair 2 levels and the remaining pigment has a color that you don't like. If that's the case, you want a different developer. They make developers for demipermanent, so it is deposit only. That won't lift or lighten your color.

I'm not sure what brand you use, so can't advise. I use Framesi. I've been using their Proxima 20 volume to cover the grey strands. Last time, I thought I would try a different developer for deposit only. It's called Mixicolor. I don't know if it can be used with other brands.

I hope that helps a little.

Cameron's Curls 02-01-2011 03:43 PM

i'm using wella koleston dye (medium red blonde) and welloxon creme developer (the developer designed for it)

i did use the vol 10 developer with the dye, so now i have brassy-ish dark-ish reddy (slightly) blonde hair.. i just want it to be more vibrant and a bit lighter.

i would use the dye with the developer again, except are you saying less dye will be deposited?

ahaa, im kinda confused!!
im gonna do some googling :D

ringlets of fire 02-02-2011 12:07 AM

If I were you (after googling and seeing what makes sense), I would do a few strand tests. Try the 20 vol + current color on a strand. If no luck, consider 30 or a different color. Wella is professional color, right? If yes, it's easy to mix a few shades of color. I mix blonde and red color + developer. If I do red alone, it is way too red. My natural base is red though (not counting the few white stand-up-straight stands that made me dye it). I mix about 75% blonde to 25% red. I go for a beige or neutral blonde b/c the red is bright enough. I don't want to do golden blonde b/c that would be crazy brassy. Definitely do a strand test to find the color you like. That's one of the benefits of being curly. The little test strands kind of disapper underneath the curls. Good luck.

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