Natural hair dye

I have 4b Type Hair And Its A Dirty Brown Color IV Never Loved My Natural Color So My Hair Has Always Been Red. Does Anyone Have Any Tips How I Can Naturally Dye My Hair And Not Damage It. IV Heard People Use Kool Aid Or Coffee But I Don't Know How To Go About It....So Please Someone Help Me Get Some Color To My Hair It Just Looks So Dry And Dull..

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Henna. Try fire ideas. Make sure you get body grade henna.

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CG since the book came out!!

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I definitely recommend henna. It gives your hair a beautiful red color (that blends with your natural color). I have dark brown hair but since I last did henna 2 months ago it still has that red sheen in the sun.

I get it from There are also good instructions and plenty of information.
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recently chopped off about 4" - HOW LIBERATING!!! Learning to love my hair again instead of hating it for being a knotty mess.
Okay thank You guys so much. I Will Try The Henna...U Don't Really Like To Order Offline So do They Sell It In Stores? If Not Ill Get It Offline. I can't wait to dye it I love my natural hair but not my natural color

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