Black dye... oy

Hey all, I wanted to dye my hair one color to cover up some of my faded highlights. My hair is naturally black so I picked up a semi-perm, lighter shade of black. Of course, it came out darker than I expected but it's not horrible since I already had black hair.

My problem is that after I had dyed it, I started to google how long it takes for a semi-perm dye to wash out. Googling after the fact is a bad idea because it's making me paranoid.

I started reading all of these horror stories about how if you dye your hair black, even with a semi-perm, your natural color will never come back and you've probably damaged your hair for good.

Like I said, it's only a shade darker than my natural color and I'm pretty confident it will be unnoticeable when the roots grow in, but I just wanted to see if my paranoia is justified or not. Anyone have any experience with this?
I really wouldn't worry about it. I have naturally black hair too (well, black coffee color) and I dye my hair with the darkest natural tone brown dye - which comes out almost blue-black, but fades to the coffee color. Sometimes I'll do a demi-permanant color all-over to refresh the depth, and at first it's DARK DARK DARK, but usually fades to the coffee color just fine. And I only CO wash too. So if you did smi-perm, I really wouldn't worry about it.
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Ahhh, thank you. That makes me feel a lot better. Yeah, it's not bad and I was admittedly stupid for googling after the fact.

I think it has already faded a bit from day one, so hopefully by the end of the week it will be closer to my natural black.
I agree...the black should fade. I used to color my hair black and it would fade to brown really fast, and I used permanent! I have lighter hair than you, but I still think it will fade. Don't worry!

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My daughter has medium brown hair -- definitely nowhere near dark brown or black -- and uses semi-perm black dye. Her natural color always comes back, so I wouldn't worry.
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Thank you all so much, you're easing my worries about it never going away. I had dark hair to begin with but now I'm feeling a little Wednesday Adams-ish. I can't wait til it fades lol.
Dyed my hair with a black semi permanent dye a few weeks ago and it's already starting to no worries, girlfriend!
i am not 100% but i think that altho you're safe in that it should nearly all wash our eventually, it may stick to the highlighted section on your hair. i had highlights also, not many, but enough that when i had decided to grow them out by using a semi every few months until i had my natural colour back, i saw that the semi washed out completely on my unlighted sections, but clung & faded to a chocolate colour on the bleached part of my hair. my hair is naturally a light brown so it isn't too much of a contrast for me.

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