adding hair dye to shampoo

Ok myfiance came home from getting her test run done for our wedding in june.She had it dyed which is fine she usually dyes it herself and it looks good.
The question i have is her hairstylist,which is a friend,told her she can put a few drops of hair dye in her shampoo and everytime she washes her hair it would keep her color vibrant,and would reduce the amount of times she would have to fully dye it.
This raises alot of concerns like does it really work, is it ok for her hair or will it damage it,will it constantly bleed all over everthing etc.???
Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.I love her long hair and don't want to see it messed up.
No offense, but this doesn't sound like a great idea. Adding hair dye to shampoo? That sounds like it could damage and dry out the hair a lot. Or if it is just adding some tint to the shampoo, it absolutely will bleed all over everything. Proceed with caution!
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You'll find that many people who dye their hair unnatural colors do this to keep the color vibrant. I've recently gone red and I did this until I bought a color depositing co. Color bleeding will occur, though, so be careful. I didn't find it very drying when using a little manic panic in the co, though, but ymmv depending on the dye.

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This is an interesting idea!

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