John Frieda: Precision Foam Color?

Alright, so I am needing to re-dye my hair. I dyed it back at the very beggining of April with a hair dye I had never use before, Feria. That dye was TERRIBLE. It didn't take to any part of my hair that still had any dye left in it. Now it wasn't like I dyed my hair a month or so before the Feria, no, I dyed it in mid October to my natural shade so I didn't think that there would be any problems. Pssh, My hair had a 'lovely' gradient effect from red to dark brown.

Now I was intending to just go back to my usual hair dye, but John Freida came out with a foaming hair dye and I am a fan of many of these products. I've never used a foam hair dye before though. I am told they are SO much easier to use though. I am curious if anyone has tried this hair color and what their reactions were towards it? Did it cover well, did it fade fast, was there a difference with the color on the box and what you got?

PS: The dye I used to match my own hair color was Garnier HerbaShine 400 Dark Natural Brown.
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I haven't used the John Frieda brand, but I have used the Nice n Easy color foam- I loved it, but it came out much darker then I had anticipated. It was super easy to use, and didn't take that much time for the application. I bought it, because I had a coupon for a free box when it first came out, but went back to my Wella (i think that's what I use.. I just know where it is at Sally's) only because it's cheaper.

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