Q for self hair dyers. Can I lighten to blonde/fiery red without bleach?

My hair is black. I am feeling for a change, and I have colored my hair blonde, but I am open my hair to suggestions. When I dyed my hair I used 30/40 cream peroxide, 3 clairol born blonde packs, and the born blonde developer. I got it blonde, and sometimes I had to do stages, but I was successful. However if I decided to add a color on top, which was usually red, once the color faded, it would have a "dry" look. It wasn't dry though.

That's how I ended up with black, because nothing can look more rich than a blue black color. Anywho, I've heard henna can lighten the hair, but not that light I'm sure.

As of right now I don't flat iron and I blow dry maybe once a month if at all, however, when my hair gets some length in about a year, I will be flat ironing once or twice a month.

Any suggestions?? Also, what's a stripper, and where can I find it?
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Wish I knew the answer - I'm sure someone will come along who does - Good luck
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To answer the topic question: no. You will have to use bleach or a high lift color (bleach).

You can use ColorFix to strip the old color and you can find that at Sally's etc.

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Thank you mucho for responding you two. Pretty much how I was coloring before is the same process. Bleach with a color on top. What I am going to be doing different is using a protein filler, and do more to keep my color by some tips I got from youtube.
*4a/3c hair, thick, and color treated.
*Subscribe to channel for product reviews, makeup, and hair info. www.youtube.com/pikachula21

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