Henna + Dark colored 4a/4b/4c hair....

Does anyone have experience with this? Also, what brands did you use?
Some henna dyes are not good and include other things...I'm looking for the natural, regular henna.

Can anyone with these hair types post any photos? Just curious whether it would look weird on my hair, cuz it's pretty dark brown. I used a dye before that was a lighter shade of brown and I liked how it looked, but now i've grown my hair back out and cut off the dye, and i'll never do a dye again (lol)....i want something more natural that will still have a diff color.
I used Reshma henna for the first time this weekend...it's all natural and I loved my results...really soft 3C curls...I naturally have dark brown and black hair...below is a pic right after I rinsed it out(still wet) ...my hair actually came out with a copper-reddish tint in the light

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