Bleached my hair...again

I know my hair is just too dark and course, but I have to make myself blonde at least once in my life.

I did this about a year ago but I never made it past the first bleaching stage. This time I had tried to single process lighten it a few time, but it wouldn't lighten past a med/light golden brown. So I used L'Oreal Born Blonde bleach, buuut I didn't leave it on long enough because i was afraid if damaging the already processed hair, and it was bright orange of course. So I then used a dark neutral blonde permanent dye over it - which actually left me with a doable color.

It's very ginger colored. I think it's still a little too hot, and a little too bright to be wearing outside, especially in the sun which looks even brighter!

My plan is to be PATIENT, do LOTS of protein and conditioning treatments, and in another 3 weeks to a month, bleach and color again.

Fingers crossed.
Learn as much as you possibly can before you put bleach on your hair again.
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I do my research
i did the exact same thing about 6 months ago and jus like u i chickened out and washed the bleach out before full effect lol man i have got to say youre making me want to try again! ive been brunette or red headed all my life and jus feel like ive gotta go blonde at least once before 30! inspiring!!!but im scare due to my hair being longer,ill fry my ends right...

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