Recently CG want to cover grey

I'm kind of a light to medium brown but the grey no longer looks like my "natural highlights" to me. They're mostly around my face. Under neath, my hair gets darker but I don't care so much.

I want a CG color that will allow the natural variation in color to come through (if you hold 5 strands of my hair in your hand, they'll each be a different color). I'm very nervous to do it but feel the grey makes me look much older than I am.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
Color by Robert Craig should give you what you want. Hair Color and Hair Care by Robert Craig Salon Products, Ltd.
That's what I use and it turns my grays into highlights. I do still have many shades of brown in my hair. You can look at my pics for reference.

You would need to choose a color 2-3 shades lighter than your base/natural color so it would blend grays without getting dark.

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