hair wont hold me!

ok so the last few times ive colored it just wont stick,it looks good at first but every wash i can see it rinse i can literally see the colored water running down the drai. i thought it was because of using red dye (i knw red fades like crazy) but ive since tried colors in the normal darker shades and same thing happens. anyone know why?
I have the exact same problem, my permanent hair color keeps washing out, just like a rinse would, I don't know why it keeps happening

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Mine does that a lot. Sometimes it's just over over colored and it won't take anymore.

You're really only supposed to permanent color your roots, and touch up the length with a demi.

And I've read that color won't lift color, so unless you're coloring with a darker color, it just might not work.

Two things I do in this situation is to just wait. Apparently the porosity if my hair at that time is not accepting the color, and/or, use a protein filler. I've just found you can get these at Sally's, and used before coloring, it can help your hair grab the color. Follow the directions, and then just put the color right over the protein filler.
interesting, i thought it may have something to do with porosity? so the protrin filler will help hold color? what if youre protein sensitive?
Well, I think hair does need protein, especially if it's been processed or damaged. I know a lot of people have problems leaving products with protein on their hair, but this you're going to rinse out, and then maybe DT with a moisturizing conditioner afterward.

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There are products that stain hair better than the pigments in permanent color.

I've discussed this thoroughly in this thread:

I used to teach color classes to salons, and this product is used to 'fill' hair before other types of color treatments. It really works and does not damage the hair. You may need to use it a few times before it really sticks.

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