Pure transparent hair dye... Can anyone elaborate?

Maybe it's self explanatory but I googled for more info and got nothing! Is there anyone out there with some knowledge on this?

I guess I should add that I'm trying to find the best/easiest way to take my black hair to a vibrant red. Any product recommendations? Tips? Suggestions?

Help! :-[

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I believe trans would just be a clear gloss that will only give shine. If your black is artificial(out of a box, not grown from your head), then the only way to get red is to bleach artificial black out first. And believe me. It WILL affect your curl pattern.

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Yeah, I definitely won't be bleaching! I've been doing some research though and I think I might give L'Oreal's Majicontrast a try, if I can find it that is. I read somewhere that it wasn't available in the US. Guess I will find out on my trip to Sally's tomorrow

Reviving my curlies!
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