Honey and Olive Oil to lighten hair?

I stumbled across a youtube hair and beauty channel (AndreasChoice) and she has decided to start treating her curls better with natural shampoos, heat once a month instead of everyday, went vegetarian, etc and her hair grew sooo much in a year's time. In one of her videos she says you can lighten hair with a honey and olive oil mix. I did a google search and found another beauty site, hairrecipes.homestead.com, that said you can indeed lighten hair with a honey and conditioner mix because "Honey contains natural Hydrogen peroxide. Iron in honey oxidizes the oxygen free radicals released by the hydrogen peroxide." They say you can wrap it up and let it sit for up to 8hours on your hair.

I ran across naturallycurly.com the same day as her videos (So glad I found you guys!) but the only thing I've found on the forums about honey and olive oil is that they are good conditioners, nothing about lightening aspects. Personally, I trust the CG community about the health of my curls more than I trust one youtuber and an internet site because you all are so knowledgable, and all of you just want to help other curlies out =] . If you think this lightening technique would work and not damage my hair, I would love to try it. I always have honey and olive oil around the house so I like the idea of not having to go out and buy something new!
My understanding from somewhere on this website is that honey can gently lighten hair because it forms some sort of peroxide. However, that is also a little drying.

Do a search for honey Curl Chemist and I think you'll find the information. There is a curl chemist on board - I think her name is Tonya - she's great and she blogs about various hair things. Good luck with this.

I used honey once. I loved it - it helped my curls form great clumps but I was a little concerned that it might be drying. If you mix it with olive oil, that should take care of the drying issue. Could you please post your results? I'm interested.
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I'll look up Tonya the Curl Chemist tomorrow before work, thank you! It's late here and I'm tired so I'll take a picture of my hair now, and tomorrow or the day after when I try the honey/olive oil treatment I'll take another picture and post here to update with my results.

This is my first week going CG and trying natural alternatives, I'm so excited!
Well I think the combination of Honey and Olive oil are really useful to lighten hair as i had applied both on my curly hair and both these work well for my hair . I had applied both after consultation with Curl Chemist .
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So I tried it, just honey and olive oil. I did read from Tonya that it can lighten but not to do it too often...so I'll resist the urge lol. I feel like it was mostly olive oil that ended up in my hair since the honey sank to the bottom and was messy to re-mix...and at first I was kind of upset because I thought my hair came out the same, maybe even darker. My friend told me today that she didnt realize my hair was black. *sigh* It use to highlight with the sun when I was putting chemical relaxers in it...

& then I was wondering well maybe this new hair gel I put on toda is a bit heavier than the leave in conditioner I put in yesterday...does hair gel mak hair appear darker? I feel like it does. So I took some pictures anyway, maybe it did lighten (I hope it wasnt just a change of lighting!)

I know it'll take a few rounds of treatment but I'm going to do it again and keep track with pictures! Even if it doesnt lighten, my hair feels amazing today I also heard that a little bit on cinnamon and distilled water will help the process so I'll be trying that also, heres the thread I found that in: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlta...hten-hair.html
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