temparary or semi perminant black color

Hey curly friends! Ive got some questions. My hair color is "black" to everyone else but when buying extensions its 1b, (oh so far away lol i know not much of a difference) but id like to dye it a richer black color but not permanantly or with ruining my hair. Any suggestions? Experiences? Help? Lol please and thank you

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I think you should try a semi permanent color because like that you'll have the darkness and richness you want but it wont be forever, especially if you're like me who likes to color her hair it will be easier to get the black out

Rizitos luv <3 ~
Thanks im looking into that. So does it dry out your hair cause ive been having a moisture issue lately :/ any reccomended brands? Ive been looking at clairol professionals from sallys

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