henna questions

For you henna experts, a couple questions
Take in mind that I do it to cover greys, so yes I want the color
1) I use cassia/indigo/henna (mostly all cassia) so how soon after this can I go swimming with chlorine??
2) If I do a DT right after henna, will it affect the color at all???
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Hey Mamaherrera,
1) I have no idea about the chlorine situation. The cassia and henna I don't think chlorine would interact with. Indigo though, I don't know. I've heard if you try to bleach indigo out it turns hair green, so........
2) 99.9% of the time henna is permanent. I've read very, very rarely instances of henna not taking completely. I suspect it's poor quality henna, but I don't know. A DT shouldn't affect henna at all. When I was using henna, I'd DT immediately after rinsing it out.
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