should I use henna?

I've been really wanting red hair, not like ginger but flaming red (although darker, not orangey).

At first I'd considered just dying individual curls with manic panic (probably vampire red). I doubt my parents would let me dye my whole head an intense color, plus I figured it might be slightly more noticeable standing out against my natural.

But, I thought henna would be all lovely and conditioning. I have exactly 50 dollars so I figure i could order some--or well, pay my parents money to order it for me since I don't have a credit card.

I have dark hair, though. Medium to dark brown, definitely leaning more toward dark, so I'm probably gonna get a lot of "you'll just get subtle highlights". more of my issue is that it'll look orangey or something--i just want auburn or a real nice red.

But I saw some before and after pictures of people with hair as dark as mine that got the red I wanted. I've never dyed my hair before though, so....I dunno.

Should I just do manic panic, since it's more convenient anyway, or is henna a way better idea?
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I come on here when I want hair advice because if you type in "curly hair" anywhere, all you get is advice on how to curl it. I used to get on here a lot when I was like, 12 or 13 (and first figuring out how to stop straightening my hair without being bullied), so if you happen to see some older posts of mine, shh. No judging.
Perhaps if you posted pics of what you're looking for, and what you have currently, people could better assist you in directing you where to go with this? I have always heard that henna will not lift any color, so it would not be a lighter red you could achieve with henna. I've also heard manic panic fades really fast, but perhaps that has more to do with people bleaching their hair first to get the manic panic to take really vibrantly than the dye itself. I'm interested in what responses you receive, because I don't know a whole lot about henna, but trying search the forums and see what you come with - henna is pretty popular here. Good luck
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