Anyone every dye their hair a very unnatural color?


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I don't have any pictures, because it was a long time ago, but my hair has been every color of the rainbow. It's naturally 3b-3c, and like a medium brown. I dye it darker. I didn't know how to wear my curls back then, so I thought my hair was very damaged. But I've been curly for about a year now, multiple stylists tell me my hair is very healthy, but if I skip a conditioner or even a step in my styling, it's a knotted, dry, frizzy mess. Leading me to believe that my hair wasn't damaged back then... I just didn't have patience with my curls. The only difference is that my hair is extremely thick. But I don't think original thickness matters as much as the hair's condition and how well you take care of it.

I love, repeat- LOVE crazy hair colors. So does my boyfriend. If my job didn't require me to have a natural hair color, I wouldn't. I would say go for it. That being said, remember any kind of unnatural styling technique comes with some kind of risk. Keep a close eye, lots of DT's and regular PT's, create as little tension as possible (ie. tight pony tails, hard elastic ties, regular blow outs/straightening) and I think you'll be fine. Hope that helps

Please post pictures!!
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I have pink hair atm ^.^ its been blue and purple in the past also

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I've had pink, blue, blondes, reds, so many lol. Would you like to see? Oh, and all mine were DIY! I love crazy colors. I just dyed over my pink. :'/
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