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JillH410 08-30-2011 09:31 PM

Has anyone every used developer to lighten?
So I had highlighted hair (very porous) and this past weekend I wanted to go a little darker so I used a semi-permanent color - one that washes out in 28 shampoos - but it turned out way darker than I wanted because it grabbed so much color (almost black). I then used Color Oops to try to strip some of the color out, which worked, but it's still sorta dark but with some reddish hue to it. So THEN (I know, lot of processing) I highlighted it to try to get it lighter - which worked, but it's still not as light as I would like... I've read that you can use a 20 developer to lighten hair, but that it will then be a funky orange color. I know that you'd then use a toner on it to get rid of the orangishness. I'm just curious if anyone on here has done this. I'm fine with leaving my hair the way it is until it grows out some more. It's not as light as I would like, but I can deal with it being darker. I'm just scared to try the developer and toner and have some funky dayglo colored hair.

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