how to transition from salon color to at home color

Hi there!

Like so many, I'm trying to be more responsible with my money. I get my hair cut and colored at a salon about every 8-12 weeks. But it adds up!

I'd like to look into at-home coloring options, but I don't even know where to begin. I have grey hair coming in, and have been working with the colorist to reduce the previous damage. The hair was/is healthy, but previous stylists putting dark color on top of dark color had made my hair way too dark. That's been corrected. If I mess it up, I'm back at square one, not to mention stuck with bad color.

Any tips at all?
There are many things to consider and to understand about hair coloring.

What is your natural colour level (how light/dark)
What is the level you want to achieve?
What is the percentage of grey?
Are there 100% white areas?
What is the texture?
What's been used on it before?

If you are going to basically stay the same level, and just cover grey, there are lots of good options you will be successful with. Just remember when covering grey, if you use a fashion shade like red, the greys will turn bright. You can mix a bold shade with a neutral shade to cover the grey nicely. Percentage of mix depends on how much grey you have.

When tinting regrowth, Be very careful about pulling colour through to the ends for the last 10 minutes as is usually recommended. This is what does a lot of damage and make hair too dark. I would only do it if absolutely necessary due to fading.

Read a lot before you jump in. I understand there are some very good brands out there that can give you nice results, but it all has to do with your personal situation.

Good luck!!

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Using something like Color by Robert Craig would be great as it's gentle on your hair. When choosing ANY haircolor, it's best to choose a color about 2-3 shades lighter than you think you want. Most colors go too dark on curly hair.

Most importantly, STRAND TEST!

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