Thing 1 for halloween.... what do I do with my hair?!

I have decided to be Thing 1 for Halloween this year. I have a nice roundish 3c fro of hair. I want to just wear it down and make it really unruly as opposed to wearing a wig (what's the point when I have natural craziness?) But now I have to make it BLUE. I can obviously get the temp hair spray but I hear that's really messy. I was also thinking of just getting some kind of doo-dads to put in my hair like feathers or streamers or tinsel that's blue. I can't dye my hair because of work. Any ideas? or feedback?

p.s. this is the hair i'm working with (just add a years worth of growth to it as this pic is a tad old)

I love Thing 1 and Thing 2! When my son was younger, we dressed him up as Thing 3 for Halloween (our mini schnauzers were Things 1 and 2 -- they wore toddler t-shirts that we got at Universal Studios on a trip one year). Anyway....

For the blue hair, I went to Michael's craft store and got royal blue yarn. For my son, I cut it to lengths and sorta glued it to a disposable processing cap from Sally's. I used Tacky Glue (I think that's what it's called, it dried but remained sort of flexible). Was not perfect Thing hair, but was good enough!

My dogs had their blue hair too, but was much harder to keep it on them. They couldn't trick or treat with their blue wigs, as we originally planned. Not that you wanted to know that! LOL
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