Multiple colors on the same head

Any ladies here ever dye their hair multiple colors? I want to dye my hair red, and have the underneath and parts of the front be black, but I'm not sure how it will look. I don't want to look like there's a giant stripe on the back of my head.

Any advice?

I currently have dark brown, 3b hair. It's a tiny bit layered, nothing too dramatic though, and slightly shorter in the front. It's BSL when straight.
type 3a/b, baby fine to medium, normal to high porosity except the canopy which is high.
recently chopped off about 4" - HOW LIBERATING!!! Learning to love my hair again instead of hating it for being a knotty mess.
When I was in high school, I had blonde hair and I dyed the underneath layers blue. I think it looked spectacular and I got a lot of compliments on it.

The thing is though, back then, I used to always blow-dry my hair straight, and my hair had a lot of layers in it. To be more specific, I had bra strap length hair, and the shortest top layers were probably somewhere around shoulder length. Basically, my shortest layers were half the length that the rest of the hair was (of course they were well blended in, it didn't look like a mullet or 80's david bowie or anything, I'm just saying, I had a lot of layers). They were also cut in a very wispy way, so that the top layers blended into the bottom very well. I think this was what made it look so nice, because the blonde seemed to streak and fade into the blue, kind of like an ombre effect, thanks to the layers.

If you're not willing to cut any extra layers in, I'm not sure how good this look is going to look on you. However, I do have some good advice for how you can find out. You know those bottles of temporary spray dye they sell at like Halloween stores and Spencers? (here's an example: Temporary Spray In Hair Color (Box of 24) (Only $1.95 a can!): Everything Else)

I've used this stuff on Halloween before to get my hair a different color, and I've never had a problem with it washing out in one wash. I would buy a bottle of the red and spray the parts of your hair you'd want to dye red. Leave the parts you want to dye black their natural dark brown--- if you squint your eyes, dark brown should look close enough to black. Or you could also get a bottle of black spray too. I think doing this, you'd get the closest approximation of what this is going to look like on your own head.

Another option, if you're computer savvy, is to photo edit some pictures of yourself from different angles, so that you have this hair in the photos. I think you'd select the parts of your hair you want to change the color of in the picture and the use the "hue" or "color saturation" or something like that to change them. If you google around a bit, you can find various photo editing program tutorials to help you do this.

Good luck!

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