First time highlighting hair since going CG

My roots are in BAD shape and I need a touch up, but I'm a little uncertain how to do this.
This will be my first time highlighting my hair since going CG and I'm worried. Usually, I highlight my hair myself, and I love the results. Way more consistent than salon and much cheaper. I love the color, and it was always my favorite aspect of my hair.
However, I would highlight it using a cap, in which you pull through strands of hair in the holes using a plastic hook. This would give nice, clean, thin highlights at the root. However, to do this I would have to brush out my hair completely.
I'm nervous to highlight my hair free-hand, but will combing through my hair to highlight it completely disrupt my curl pattern?
I'm cross posting my answer too!

No, it won't hurt it to comb thru it once. I also cap highlight. What I do is wash my hair, comb it out while wet, then highlight when it's damp. It helps to put your hair in a ponytail while it's drying to keep it straighter too.

If you already have highlights in your hair and just need a root touch up, you would pull the hair thru in loops instead of whole strands, just the length needed to blend. It works! Like this -

And some good tips too (that's the kit I use): Hair Color, Hair Care and The No More Bad Hair Days Kit by Robert Craig Salon Products, Ltd.

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