Semi-Permanent color After Henna

I did my first henna 6wks ago (using Burgundy "henna") and was OK with the results. *I have a streak of silver hair at my left temple that I left clear. I did the process myself, and while I wasn't bothered my the scent of the henna, I did end up with a 2day migraine after doing my hair.

I did my 2nd application last week, and decided to do my whole head, including the silver stands. Not only did I end up with another 2day migraine, the henna turned my gorgeous silver streak ORANGE!!!

What I would like to know, can I (after several more washings) go back to using temporary hair color such as Clairol Natural Instincts??
You have to grow out the henna before u can use any other dye, even bleach won't work on hair thats been dyed with henna..
You can dye it darker with traditional hair dye, if, you used pure henna. I'm not sure about bleaching though.
I have white in my hair too and was totally freaked out by the initially incredibly bright results. I was looking everywhere to find Indigo.. I wanted to try to neutralize the red. A few days of frantic searching later and lo and behold my hair was no longer looking like an orange lollipop in the sun.. it turned into a really nice copper red on it's own.. no Indigo needed... a bright red, still, but no longer orange, thank God!

Henna takes time to oxidize and get darker.. (3 to 5 days) and also you may get great results by doing another henna over top, deepening the effect.

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I have bleached hair that was dyed with pure BAQ henna. Always test some discarded hair first.

What brand did you use? The migraines concern me and I haven't heard of burgundy henna before. Henna technically only comes in red.

Hopefully it will oxidize and be awesome!
You have to grow out the henna before u can use any other dye, even bleach won't work on hair thats been dyed with henna..
Originally Posted by Esma
Ladies (Esma, Susie, Nikki & Curly),

Thank you for the information, and sorry it took me so long to get back to you!

Susie, I'm looking at the beautiful results you've had, and now I'm thinking about trying the red! I'll get in touch with the HennaHut and find out what they recommend.

Curlygirl, I appreciate the concern you expressed about my migraines. I do suffer from them several times a year, and they seem to happen more frequently with stress. I believe that the migraines that I had from applying the henna* was due to the "difficult" application. Putting on the henna seemed to take about 3times as long as applying "regular" dye, and since I have high blood pressure, holding my arms over my head and pinching blood vessels and nerves for soo long triggered the attacks.

*Thats the main reason I wanted to switch back to the quicker application of "regular" dye, to avoid any extra migraines!
Unh, I bet that would increase your migraines. I tend to forget that most people dye their at home on their own. I haven't done that in forever since I am extremely lucky to have my husband, who does the application for me. I don't blame you for wanting to switch to something easier; henna can be a hassle!!
I have had super difficult applications and really easy ones. Found out that by making the mixture looser with more water, it was much easier to get through my hair. good luck!

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