I'm thinking about using henna because I want a red tint to my hair but I want it to be subtle and non-damaging. I usually use Lush's henna, but the nearest Lush store is in Cleveland, and I don't want to order offline because I don't like using my credit card. Can anyone recommend me a brand? Thanks
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If you have an Indian grocery in your area your can find brands of henna there for cheap. The first henna I ever used was Hesh. Sometimes you can find Jamila henna also.

I order online so I'm not too knowledgeable about every brand in the Indian grocery stores.
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I'm using Karishma henna in Burgandy. I have also used Henna Shine For Hair. Both I got at local indian grocers. I like Karishma better because it's got a better dye deposit, is portioned better (1 pack for my BSL hair) and is only .99.

Many ladies rave about Karishma. I personally do not use 'straight henna' because Bella doesn't like it, so I always buy henna that has other herbs mixed in.
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seasons dulhan or dulhan henna is sold at indian grocery stores. it costs me 1.59 and is pretty good quality. It has a fine sift, is easy to wash out and leaves great color.
I get my henna from Indian grocery stores as well. I've tried several brands and they all seem pretty much the same.

I believe that if you want a really light red on blonde hair, you should be extremely careful when you experiment with how long to leave it on. I might start with 15 minutes and see what happens. Remember that the henna needs 3 to 4 days to develop the colour fully and it WILL get darker.

Maybe for a blonde going to light red, you would be happier with a semi-permanent that washes out. Henna is so permanent. I would recommend Goldwell Colorance available from a salon. Other semi permanent colors can be very good too.

There is also a temporary colour mousse you can buy called Soft Colour from Goldwell that is super conditioning and non damaging. It washes out pretty quickly unless you have very porous hair, in which case it may take a long long time or never actually come out all the way. The 'temporary' title is only meant for virgin hair. 8K is a beautiful light red colour you'd expect to see on a fair skinned Irish lass.. gorgeous!

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