Dark hair and want to go a little lighter

I have dark brown/black hair. I used to dye my hair black but stopped 4 months ago. Everyone tells me that in order to go lighter that I have to bleach. Being a curly girl, or well, any kind of hair girl, bleach isn't a good idea. I do not want to use bleach, but I want to go lighter, any healthy suggestions? 3 weeks ago I used a brown semi-permanent hair color by nice and easy and it did nothing. It didn't even dye my roots (which was a good thing bc that always happens when i try to go lighter). You can really only see the brown in the sun. I'm sorry for always asking questions, but everyone is so helpful here I love it. Thanks ahead of time for any suggestions. BTW: I kind of want to try using the revlon brand which is made for especially dark hair. I want to do a red, will it work? or just do my roots?
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Don't do anything until you get your routine set. Coloring can be drying, and then you won't know if it's the color or the products you're using which are affecting your hair adversely.

Just give your hair a rest, if you can.
If you permanently dyed your hair black then trying to use a Semi/Demi over it isn't going to work really. It's hard to lighten Black without Bleaching beforehand, especially if you dyed it black. You can try to go 2 shades lighter than the color you want just to achieve that color.

You can always try the Manic Panic red dyes which are Semi's and Organic/Vegan. They are like a Conditioner with staining color persay.
You can try Manic Panic Pillarbox Red or Vampire Red (though I would go with Pillarbox for your hair color or maybe if you can find a shade lighter if you give it a try).
Can get from Sally's Beauty Supply.
Won't damage your hair. It's like a deep conditioner. Leave on for 2 hours at the minimum though. If it doesn't work you don't have to worry about damaging your hair.
Just make sure if you do consider it to put Petroleum/Vaseline on your hairline because it does stain.

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I agree I will wait until I do have a set routine for my hair but I definitely will try manic panic!! That's so awesome. Yay! :-)
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The only thing that can remove artificial colour pigments is bleach.

You can have a salon do a less damaging bleaching shampoo. This should be done by someone who knows what they are doing. They need to have your head in the sink with the concoction on your hair, and watch the colour lighten to the point needed, without over bleaching.

This definitely will damage your hair more, but that's the way it is when you're messing with your hair without enough knowledge to know and understand what exactly you are really doing. The fact that you put more semi-permanent on top makes the situation worse as it will need more bleaching action to get that off too. You may be lucky and the damage may not be as bad as it could be for many others. If it was my hair, I know it would break off for sure.

The moral of the story is that you can't expect to get what you want all the time.... especially when you've dyed your hair black.

Good luck!

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