Black or Rehighlight??

My hair is naturally black and I have added caramel highlights to it 5 months ago. My roots are growing in so from the front my hair looks black but if you stand behind me my hair looks highlighted with black on the top at the crown. I hear horror stories all the time about people going too light for their complexion. What would be the next best thing? Should it be to go back to my natural hair or do I re-highlight even though it's only my roots that have turned dark? Or should I just let my natural hair color keep growing in until one day it gets long enough for me to cut off the highlighted hairs?? I have olive skin, and dark brown eyes with black eyebrows. My hair is dry with split ends and it grows very slowly. Suggestions??
What I would do of I was you is maybe dye your highlits the cloning if your natural hair colour whole you are growin it out
I don't suggest coloring your hair black if you ever think that you would ever want to change that up because black hair color is sooo difficult to remove. It's really up to you, though. I personally think that caramel colored highlights on dark hair is really pretty. If you want it back dark growing off the highlights until your natural growth gets long enough to cut would probably be the best route but I, myself, would not be able to deal with long roots lol. If you do decide to re-highlight just make sure you have someone who you trust and like their work to do it and if you plan on keeping it dark, then coloring it black would be a good idea. Sorry for the long post... hope I helped
I had a colour tech on our team that could highlight just the roots.

He was amazing though, and I doubt there are many people out there dedicated enough to get that skilled. He always parted and sectioned exactly the same so could go back and see what he had done before and catch the same hairs.. amazing.

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