Colouring and relaxing?

I have posted in other topics about relaxers but would like to know if anyone has experience of colouring and relaxing? Is it ok as long as neither are too harsh? As in a gentle relaxer and a semi-permanent colour. Which should you do first? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
If anyone has experience in this field would be great to hear your stories etc. I really don't want to mess up my hair! Thanks.

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Does anyone know about using a gentle relaxer and henna? If so, which order is better etc? Thanks.
Henna relaxed my hair so much, plus menopause, I now am growing in straight hair. Sad in a way but loving the new texture. My hair is actually thicker strands now.. it used to be fine and now is medium.

Maybe henna will loosen your curl enough that you don't feel the need to go with chemical relaxing.
Thanks, SusieSuze. I didn't know henna could end up relaxing the hair a bit! Do you happen to know if it's ok to use over a semi-permanent reddish brown dye that isn't quite washed out yet?! And yeah it's weird how texture can change. Thanks again.
CQ, it was fine for me to use PURE henna over my previously tinted hair.

The problems with henna are that there are companies out there (usually over seas ones) who will call their product henna when it has other ingredients that are actually harmful mettalic salt dyes.

You have to be extremely aware of the ingredients in the henna you purchase. If it says 'brown' or another colour, be very careful the other dyes in it are of vegetable origin, like indigo. If the henna comes in a little bottle of liquid I would be very skeptical.

Read the book available for download here: Henna for Hair

good luck!

PS.. the more applications, the more my curl loosened.
Actually, henna only takes about 3 days to fully oxidize.

I've found it oxidizes faster if you are in the sun or tanning bed.

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