Advice needed for before and after coloring

Hi ladies - I'm getting my hair colored and highlighted and was looking for advice on what I can do before and after coloring to help my hair.

I just started the CG method and am on a modified CG method. I'll be going to a Salon that carries Deva Curl products so she'll prob a no poo or low poo to wash out the color.

Anything I should do before and after at home to help my curls?
My appointment's tomorrow morning so any advice would be much appreciated!
I'd ask your stylist since I'm sure she'll have some good info for you. One thing I've learned over the years is to not wash your hair at least 48 hours or so after having it colored. The color needs time to "oxidize" with your hair or else it will fade more quickly.

I also like to do a protein treatment + deep conditioning treatment about a week before I color.

Good luck today!
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Hair type: NC: 2A; FIA: 2cFii; Fine, normal porosity, normal elasticity
Cleansing: CJ Cleansing Conditioner, Trader Joe's Tea Tree, or Deva No Poo
Daily conditioner: Deva One C or CJ Beauticurls Strengthening Hair Cond or GPB
Styling products: Deva B'Leave In + Deva Curl Cream + AnGel; or
SS CEJ + BRHG; or AG: Recoil + BRHG; or KCKT + KCCC + BRHG
Treatments: SS protein treatment or CJ Curl Fix or Nexxus Emergencee + CJ Curl Rehab

My turn. I want to get my hair dyed soon as well. Any more advice for what to do after I color? I plan to do a protein and dc treatment a week prior as suggested. But what about after?

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