I like warm tones in my hair. The times I have been to salons they have made my hair it's natural black color, which pales me out or they have bleached my head and sent me home with blotches of blond, orange, and white, when all I wanted was ash brown. I no longer like going to salons, they charge me alot because I have a lot of hair, and I haven't had a good turnout yet. So this time I tried to lighten up my hair to a light golden brown to warm it up from dark brown so I bleached it first. The bleach lightened my hair more than I expected it too. Then I applied the dye, I applied dark golden blonde because I thought it would come out darker anyway but it didn't. My hair is now a weird reddish/orangey color and I'm not sure I like it. Debating on going back to dark brown/black but then I have to find the right makeup that won't make me look so pale which I struggle with, or leaving it alone, or going a darker shade to try and tone it down, or taking out strands of the reddish tone so it looks like I have highlights and then darkening most of the hair dark brown. Any suggestions?