Advice from Bottle Blonde curlies

Hi All!

Im a natural Level 5/6 and Im going blonde shortly. In the past I have done this, ive seen my poor curls go straggly and freaked out and colored them back over because I was convinced they were wrecked!

Last time this happened I made the decision to to be kind to them and alternated between protein and moisture care and the curls came back just fine, but they were colored over.

My question is...has anyone gone successfully blonde and still managed to keep their beautiful curls?
I have done bleach jobs that ruined my curls but I have learned from it. Now I use a protein filler in my color mixture and I lighten my hair slowly which means I spent a while with orange hair. I will use a low volume developer and do the color like every two weeks until it is the color I want
Yes, you can have healthy blonde curls, but it's more work.
If it's at all possible, avoid bleach altogether. Bleach can really wreak havoc on hair. If you must use bleach, coat your hair in coconut oil beforehand, and let it sit on your hair for 30 minutes or so before bleaching. Don't rinse it out, bleach on top of it. It's also a good idea to add some oils to the bleach mixture. The oil really helps protect your hair, without interfering with the bleach.
If you're not using bleach, just regular color, don't use box color. Box color is a one-size-fits-all thing, and hair just isn't. We all have different hair properties and oftentimes box color will damage more than it should. Go to Sally's, or any beauty supply, and buy you're color there. Depending on how light you're going you may only need a 10 vol developer. It depends on your hair. Again, if you want some extra protection, layer on the oil, just not as heavily as you would if you were bleaching.
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