Anyone experience straightening with henna?

Hey all,

If anyone has seen my posts so far, they'll know I'm a very all-natural kind of girl! I only use natural ingredients, and mainly homemade solutions for just about everything from my hair to my body to my home. So one of my biggest questions was just how natural is dying your hair with henna? In the future I would really love to try the color auburn for my hair. I've been really inspired by this picture here:

But also, does anyone who uses/has used henna to dye their hair experience any relaxing of their curls/waves? I'm a 2c and I'm always looking for new ways to relax my waves (would love to be a regular 2b.)

Also my natural hair color is a medium-light brunette, my eyes are green and my eyebrows are very light brunette (trying to discover natural ways to darken them.) My skin is fair/cool, burns easily, no freckles though. I struggle a bit with acne but I foresee a change with that in the future as I have already with the help of hormone changes, natural skin care and healthy dietary changes. Anyone have insight on how well an auburn hair color could work for me?

Thanks guys!
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I've done BAQ henna, it's the only one I'd put on my hair. There are several posts on my blog about it, just use the search function. HTH
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I guess there are some women who experienced relaxing of the curl. I didn't experience any, which I am happy about because I was worried it would stretch my curls and make them less springy.
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Here goes:

I've been using henna for the past year. Yes it is absolutely all natural, so long as you buy the right stuff. Do your research, study study and you will find all the answers you need. I buy henna made for 'mehandi' (body art) from the Indian grocery store for only $10 per kilo, which does 4 or 5 applications. The quality is fantastic.

My hair is now growing in totally straight. This may have a lot to do with my current hormone stuff-- menopause. (I never had curly hair until I went through puberty, so this makes sense) I've hennaed over henna for the most part, occasionally I will just do the roots, so the curls I have left have been hennaed many times. (once a month for the past year). My curls are growing out, and they are relaxed from a 3b/c to a 2b/c. So YES, It has relaxed my curl.

I think the relaxing effect really has a lot to do with your own personal texture. If your hair is fine and naturally porous, like mine was, (it now looks medium), it will relax more. I think coarser hair will not be as easily straightened with the henna. It would make sense that the more porous, the more henna is binding into the keratin, thereby filling your hair so much that it can straighten the curls, and because it is finer, it is easier to bend.

It sure is weird having straight hair. I miss my curls- it's been quite a transition, but I am enjoying my new straight hair too.. and it is SO LONG.. and henna makes it SO SHINY! I get a ton of compliments, which kind of is embarrassing after a while, lol.
But heck, that's okay.
I have 3b curls, and when I used henna on my hair, it loosened them a little, but that only lasted 2 weeks for me. After that my hair seemed as curly as usual.
I have an article posted in my signature with steps and pictures from when I dyed my hair with henna.
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